Trisha Lynn

Trisha Lynn – Gogo / Import Model

I recently was introduced to the very beautiful Trisha Lynn. I haven’t gotten to actually meet her face to face yet, but its something I’m looking forward to though. She’s new to the modeling scene as she first walked the runway in December of 2008. Not only does she do runway work, she’s an import model, as well as a sexy go-go dancer.

When not in front of the camera or performing for crowds of amorous men, Trisha is a student at the University of Minnesota, with an emphasis on medicine. Sorry guys, unless you have a kid, she won’t be your doctor as she wants work in Pediatrics. Where was she when I was a kid? My doctor definitely didn’t look like her—unfortunately.

I know Trisha has been enjoying her summer before having to return to school. She’s been busy with work, but fortunately not too busy to participate in this feature. As you will see she’s a pretty funny girl to chat with and get to know.

Hmoodle: I like to ask this of our girls, because their answers vary so much, but what was it like your first time on stage/walking the runway?

Trisha: I totally puked on the runway and then passed out just kidding. ! It was amazing! The first time I ever walked the runway was in December 08′. I had major jitterbugs an hour before and couldn’t stop my legs from trembling. When it was time to actually go on, everything happened so organically. I felt like a human Barbie Doll.

Hmoodle: What have you enjoyed the most about life as an import model/go-go dancer?

Trisha: I honestly can say the thing I’ve enjoyed most is getting the opportunity to travel and meet new people everywhere I go. It’s so amazing to get the opportunity to work at so many different venues, cities, and states. Aside from that, the perks aren’t too bad either

Hmoodle: What is your ideal first date?

Trisha: Pickin’ me up in a Porsche Carrera GT and taking me to the most expensive restaurant in town. Sike! I am definitely more of a laid back first date type gal- so anything that involves a movie and cuddling.

Hmoodle: Are you a hopeless romantic?

Trisha: I am the mushiest girl you’ll ever meet! So that’s an absolute yes!

Hmoodle: What’s your biggest weakness?

Trisha: My Mum’s cooking. Oh my goodness- I’m about to gain twenty pounds if I stay around the house any longer than needed.

Hmoodle: If you could hangout with a celebrity for a day, who would it be and why?

Trisha: This would require a time machine because I would love to hang out with Marilyn Monroe for a day. She is so mysterious, inspirational, risqué, classy, and my type of person.

Hmoodle: What is something about yourself that our readers may be surprised to find out?

Trisha: I am a book worm. I read a lot. I only read True Crime genres! I’m fascinated with serial killers. I’m not sure if I should’ve shared that or not.

A girl fascinated with serial killers? Well, we all have our quirks, I guess. I definitely enjoyed this interview with Trisha as she was open, honest, and quite funny. We ask the girls lots of questions that don’t make the cut, but all of her answers were great.

I am surprised that I have yet to meet Trisha Lynn in our Hmoodle Travels, but like I said before, I am definitely looking forward to it. I’m sure we’ll have a deep, interesting, and intellectual conversation; either that or I’ll be my goofy self. I’m betting on the latter.

I need to thank Trisha Lynn for taking the time to do this. I know she’s celebrating a birthday, working, and getting ready to get back into school, so we appreciate her time. I also need to thank Susan the Photographer for directing us in Trisha’s way.

To get better acquainted with Trisha, you can find her at the following links at:

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