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Nancy Vang – Miss Hmoodle Beauty, August 2016


Check out this Fresno born beauty’s interview with Hmoodle. She’s currently graduated from a field in high demand, Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). Feel free to read our one-on-one with Nancy and discovered the story behind how she got into SLP, moved to manitowoc then back to Fresno and many more… Hmoodle: Please give us a 10 second introduction to Nancy Vang? ...

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Paige – Miss Hmoodle Beauty, June 2016


Once again Hmoodle brings you a beauty who is a Fresno native. Born and raised in the Golden State, Paige Yang loves the outdoors and spending time with friends and family. A full time student at California State University Fresno with a busy work schedule keeps this beauty on her toes. Much like June weather in Fresno, Paige turns up ...

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April – Miss November 2015


This month we bring you another beauty from the west coast. Some of you may recognized her from her role as Katie in A Love Like this (Ep.1 & 2) By CineFilms Creation and a few commercials by HAC.. She is as charismatic is person as she is in film. Hmoodle: April, tell us a little about yourself. April: I’m ...

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Theena Yang – Miss October 2015


This month of October, we have a beauty from Salisbury, North Carolina that is full of energy, love being spontaneous and enjoying her life. We present to you, the beautiful Theena Yang. Hmoodle: How was your first photoshoot/experience like? Theena: My first photoshoot was with Jay Martinez who is the owner of Tuner Evolution himself.  It was such a great ...

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Kiki Song – Miss July 2015


This July, the Hmoodle Beauty of the Month is a very determined and talented beauty. Kiki was brought up in Clovis and claims to be an outgoing person who loves to travel. She is super friendly, likes interacting with people and really loves food and that she has no favorite. She is focused on making it to the top and ...

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Hmoodle Beauty of the Year: Tia Yang 2013

Tia Yang

This year marks our 5th Anniversary for the coveted title of Hmoodle Girl of the Year for 2013. Just like each year before it, our team posts a voting poll to allow our readers—YOU—assist us in choosing one of our lovely Hmoodle Girls become the Hmoodle Girl of the Year. Thanks to all the candidates, 8 beautiful women all deserving ...

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Sabrina Lee – Miss March 2013

Sabrina Lee

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: Sacramento, CA Current Place: Sacramento, CA Spring has almost sprung and we at Hmoodle are ready to introduce you to the newest Hmoodle Girl Sabrina Lee. This drop dead looking beauty makes her way from California, which will have many of our readers California dreamin’. I was fortunate enough to talk with Sabrina to allow you, ...

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Mina Lee – Miss June 2012

Mina Lee

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: Syracuse, NY Current Residence: Twin Cities If you’ve been a consumer of the adult beverages at Moonshine Saloon, you may have met the newest Hmoodle Girl, Mina Lee. Mina is originally from Syracuse, but her journey in life has brought her to the Twin Cities. She’s able to give her bar patrons a reason to smile ...

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Mary Vang – Miss April 2012

Mary Vang

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: Monominie, WI Current Residence: Twin Cities, MN Once again I have the pleasure to introduce our Hmoodle readers to the newest Hmoodle girl. She is none other then the very beautiful Mary Vang. She is a transplant from Wisconsin who has made her way to Minnesota to chase her dream of joining the fashion industry. It ...

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Leah Lin – Miss February 2012

Leah Lin

 Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: California Current Residence: Clovis, CA As a sports fan I’m very excited for the upcoming Super Bowl, but I can honestly say that I am equally excited about our newest Hmoodle girl. She is non other then the very sexy and gorgeous Leah Lin. This California knock out is definitely going to make our readers take ...

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Nagee Yang – Miss January 2012

Nagee Yang

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: St. Paul, MN Current Residence: St. Paul, MN Before we begin with our newest Hmoodle Girl, I want to wish all our Hmoodle readers a happy holiday season. With 2012 approaching fast, it also means we have our first Hmoodle Girl for 2012. She is none other then Nagee. From what I’ve learned about her, she’s ...

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Bao Lee – Miss November 2011

Bao Lee

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: Thialand Current Residence: Menomonie, WI The Hmong New Year is once again here and we at Hmoodle want to wish you a safe and happy Hmong New Year. Not only is it Hmong New Year, but it also time to introduce our reader’s to the most recent Hmoodle Girl, the very lovely Bao Lee. She currently ...

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Nancy Xiong – Miss October 2011

Nancy Xiong

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: St. Paul, MN Current Residence: St. Paul, MN October spells for the ever-changing days of autumn, when the perennials, long-lasting though they fall victims to the lethargic dreadful descending temperatures, a forerunner to the harshest season of the year, big brother winter. Nonetheless, October screams for excitement for one of the most festive celebratory times of ...

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Sunshine Yang – Miss August 2011

Sunshine Yang

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: Wisconsin Current Residence: Milwaukee, WI Once again it is time to meet our newest Hmoodle girl and we’ve gone to Miltown aka Milwaukee, Wisconsin for this selection. She is none other then the very beautiful Sunshine Yang. Sunshine has modeled and even appeared in an ad for Walgreens. Given her name is Sunshine, its no surprise ...

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Padao Lor – Miss July 2011

Padao Lor

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: Merced, CA Current Residence: Sacramento, CA The Summer heat has been relentless the pass few days, but luckily there was something to look forward to. I had the opportunity to get to know our newest Hmoodle Girl. She is none other then Sacramento sweetheart Padao Lor. Once again we’ve added another California cutie to the mix. ...

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Caselena Yang – Miss June 2011

Caselena Yang

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: Fresno, CA Current Residence: Fresno, CA t has been a while since Hmoodle has featured a girl from the west coast. We have a new girl to add to our Hmoodle girl of the month roster. She is no other than the fabulous Caselena Yang. She is from Fresno, California, the most Hmong populated state in ...

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Peria – Miss April 2011


Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: Twin Cities, MN Current Residence: St. Paul, MN In August of 2008, we featured a very young and shy Plia “Peria” Vang as on our Hmoodle girls. At this time, it was her first time participating in a photo shoot, and now she’s a veteran on the scene. Not only is she featured in print advertising ...

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Jenny Lor – Miss February 2011

Jenny Lor

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: Oshkosh, WI Current Residence: Appleton, WI Its the month of February and that means once again that we have selected the newest Hmoodle girl. I am sure there will be plenty of readers struck by Cupid’s arrow after seeing the very beautiful Jenny Lor, as she is the latest selection. Jenny Lor not only has beauty, ...

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Koder Yang – Miss October 2010

Koder Yang

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: La Crosse, WI Current Residence: Twin Cities, MN The leaves are falling off the trees which mean Autumn is here. Its my favorite time of year. The weather begins to cool, my birthday and Halloween are around the corner, and its time once again to select another Hmoodle girl. This month we’ve found another gorgeous girl ...

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