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Nancy Vang – Miss Hmoodle Beauty, August 2016


Check out this Fresno born beauty’s interview with Hmoodle. She’s currently graduated from a field in high demand, Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). Feel free to read our one-on-one with Nancy and discovered the story behind how she got into SLP, moved to manitowoc then back to Fresno and many more… Hmoodle: Please give us a 10 second introduction to Nancy Vang? ...

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Paige – Miss Hmoodle Beauty, June 2016


Once again Hmoodle brings you a beauty who is a Fresno native. Born and raised in the Golden State, Paige Yang loves the outdoors and spending time with friends and family. A full time student at California State University Fresno with a busy work schedule keeps this beauty on her toes. Much like June weather in Fresno, Paige turns up ...

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April – Miss November 2015


This month we bring you another beauty from the west coast. Some of you may recognized her from her role as Katie in A Love Like this (Ep.1 & 2) By CineFilms Creation and a few commercials by HAC.. She is as charismatic is person as she is in film. Hmoodle: April, tell us a little about yourself. April: I’m ...

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De Xiong – Miss September 2015


When you think of Alaska, what comes to your mind? To me, its the cold, but we at Hmoodle found a girl who could warm up your heart in the coldest of temperatures. She is De Xiong, who is originally from Sacramento, but since 2000, her and her family have resided in Alaska. As you will in her video, De ...

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Linda Saelee – Miss August 2015


We have a very charming and interesting personality for the month of August for our Hmoodle Beauty. Seemingly proud of her natural beauty, she’s the outgoing type who enjoys meeting new people as well as developing new friendships, talkative, bold and passionate.  This beauty sees modeling as a hobby and grabs every opportunity with both hands. Ambition and determination are ...

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Kiki Song – Miss July 2015


This July, the Hmoodle Beauty of the Month is a very determined and talented beauty. Kiki was brought up in Clovis and claims to be an outgoing person who loves to travel. She is super friendly, likes interacting with people and really loves food and that she has no favorite. She is focused on making it to the top and ...

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Hmoodle Beauty of the Year: Tia Yang 2013

Tia Yang

This year marks our 5th Anniversary for the coveted title of Hmoodle Girl of the Year for 2013. Just like each year before it, our team posts a voting poll to allow our readers—YOU—assist us in choosing one of our lovely Hmoodle Girls become the Hmoodle Girl of the Year. Thanks to all the candidates, 8 beautiful women all deserving ...

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Phoua Vang – Miss May 2013

Phoua Vang

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: La Crosse, WI Current Place: Menomonie, WI Even though Spring has yet to sprung here in the Twin Cities, the newest Hmoodle girl was able to put a smile on my face. She is the very beautiful and equally talented Phoua Vang. Phoua is on her way to make an impact on the fashion industry. Not ...

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Paw Lwe – Miss April 2013

Paw Lwe

Nationality: Mixed Birth Place: Twin Cities, MN Current Place: Twin Cities, MN As I wait to see the chaos that will be the Twin Cities latest snow storm, I at least have the pleasure of introducing you to our newest Hmoodle girl for the month of April. She is non other then Paw Lwe, who is originally from Thailand, but ...

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Sabrina Lee – Miss March 2013

Sabrina Lee

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: Sacramento, CA Current Place: Sacramento, CA Spring has almost sprung and we at Hmoodle are ready to introduce you to the newest Hmoodle Girl Sabrina Lee. This drop dead looking beauty makes her way from California, which will have many of our readers California dreamin’. I was fortunate enough to talk with Sabrina to allow you, ...

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Gaohle Her – Miss February 2013

Gaohle Her

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: Twin Cities, MN Current Place: Twin Cities, MN February marks one of the coldest months for Minnesota, but this isn’t going to stop us from picking another stunning girl into our line up. Let me introduce you all to our newest member of the Hmoodle girl for the month of February 2013, her name is none ...

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Trina Yang – Miss January 2013

Trina Yang

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: Manitowoc, WI Current Residence: Manitowoc, WI New year is upon us and that also means a brand new cycle of Hmoodle Girls. We have started the year of with a bang as we present to you the very beautiful Tina Yang. You may recognize her from Chozen One events or if you’ve somehow made your way ...

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Angelica Yang – Miss December 2012

Angelica Yang

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: Fresno, CA Current Residence: Atlanta, GA At the end of the year, Hmoodle is proud to finish out our 2012 monthly feature by introducing you to a sweet girl down south. Angelica Yang, who fittingly goes by Angel, is a model, accounting student, healthcare worker, promoter, and an aspirer of global and social change. Hmoodle: Let me ...

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Cristine Lee – Miss November 2012

Cristine Lee

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: Fresno, CA Current Residence: Fresno, CA It’s that time of the month again where we introduce you, our readers, to the newest Hmoodle Girl. She is as beautiful as the changing of colors here in the Twin Cities. She’s a California girl who loves her dogs and look forward to helping those in need as she ...

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Mimi Vue – Miss October 2012

Mimi Vue

Nationality: Hmong Brith Place: California Current Residence: Sacramento, CA We at Hmoodle are proud to announce our newest Hmoodle Girl. She recently was the star of the show as she won the go-go dancing competition at Hot Import Night. She is not only a dancer, but a hard and determined worker trying to make a career path towards the medical ...

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Linda Xiong – The Girl Next Door

Linda Xiong

I’m a down to earth type of girl but I also know what my priorities are first. I love to have fun but there’s also a time to be serious and get down to business in order to get things done. I love to learn new information about anything that may benefit myself or those around me. This way I ...

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Kathue Lee – Miss Septempber 2012

Kathue Lee

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: Twin Cities Current Place: Twin Cities Summer is coming to end, but fear not we still have more Hmoodle girls to come. To end the summer, we’ve selected the very beautiful Kathue Lee. This former tom-boy finds herself looking for the perfect geek guy, while pursuing a masters. Definitely a girl on the right path. I ...

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Christina Xiong – Miss August 2012

Christina Xiong

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: Twin Cites Current Place: Mankato, MN I can’t believe it’s August already. The cycle of summer just comes too short in MN, but lucky for us we’re presented with the opportunity to bring you once again in the line up of each initial month, our new Hmoodle Girl of the Month for August 2012, Christina Xiong. ...

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Tia Yang – Miss July 2012

Tia Yang

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: California Current Residence: Fresno, CA Once again it’s my privileged to introduce you, our Hmoodle readers , to the newest Hmoodle girl. She is none other than they very pretty and entertaining Tia Yang. A lover of the outdoors as well as fashion, Tia is definitely a great addition to our Hmoodle Girl roster. I was ...

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Mina Lee – Miss June 2012

Mina Lee

Nationality: Hmong Birth Place: Syracuse, NY Current Residence: Twin Cities If you’ve been a consumer of the adult beverages at Moonshine Saloon, you may have met the newest Hmoodle Girl, Mina Lee. Mina is originally from Syracuse, but her journey in life has brought her to the Twin Cities. She’s able to give her bar patrons a reason to smile ...

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