Jessica Cho

Jessica Cho – Gogo / Import Model

Originally from Lansing Michigan, our newest addition to our seven questions feature resides in the Tarheel state where she has been making a splash in the import model scene. Jessica Cho, not only has gain prominence as a gorgeous model in North Carolina, but all over the Eastern seaboard.

Her popularity isn’t just centralized there, but is gaining momentum nationwide and why not. What’s not to like about Jessica Cho? She’s got the killer look, great personality, and a set of eyes that make can you forget what you were doing.

I recently caught up with this vivacious beauty just before the New Year.

Ryan: What’s the most romantic thing a guy has done for you?

Jessica: A while back I got really sick and was rushed to the emergency room. My guy came and stayed with me for a whole week to take care of me and stayed by my side 24/7.

Ryan: Are you a hopeless romantic?

Jessica: I wouldn’t say I was a hopeless romantic. Just love to have someone to hold and to love is enough for me! I love to snuggle!

Ryan: If you had the chance to dance on stage for any performer, who would it be and why? Or the question can also be, if you could be any musical group or artists music video, who would it be, and why?

Jessica: I would love to be in a Janet Jackson video because she is such an awesome singer and dancer. I love her!

Ryan: What’s your biggest weakness?:

Jessica: Shopping! It’s so darn addictive! I swear I can spend way too much! But then again, don’t most girls?

Ryan: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Jessica: I wish I weren’t so lazy at times. I am a huge procrastinator!

Ryan: What is something about yourself that our readers may be surprised to find out?

Jessica: I was a total duckling when I was younger. Around my sophomore year of High School I got a makeover and things just magically changed. I didn’t have my first boyfriend or my first kiss till then!

Ryan: What was it like your first time on stage/walking the runway?

Jessica: I was dancing before I did my first fashion show. I had such a fun time! The other girl and I kept switching places from the platform in the fountain to the bar. It was so awesome!

I know I can speak for many in the Twin Cities area that hopes Miss Cho makes her way to the Minnesota area in the near future.

Jesica also wanted to add: Please find me at my official website at and my fan site at You can also find me at MySpace at and Facebook at

If you are interested in being featured in our 7 Questions Feature, then email me at

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