Jennifer Nguyen

Jennifer Nguyen – Gogo Import Model

Its been awhile since Hmoodle has had a “7 Questions” feature, but it has definitely been worth the wait as we knocked one out of the park with this selection. She’s the best thing to come out of Canada since Pamela Anderson. She is the voluptuous Jennifer Nguyen.

Recently Jennifer was selected as the very first Teaser Doll for the Teaser by Yuli Fashion Line. She’s also a participant in the Maxim Hometown Hottie Contest here in 2010. If you’ve ever seen a Maxim magazine, you know that’s high praise because the women in it are gorgeous. She’s definitely got my vote. You too can vote for her here

One thing that impressed me besides her obvious beauty is here outgoing personality. She is the perfect package. Jennifer also mentioned her motto for life to me and it was “Go confidently towards your dream. Life without adventure isn’t life at all. Live the life you always imagine.” Definitely words to live by.

Without further ado, here are 7 questions with Jennifer Nguyen.

Ryan: What was it like your first time on stage/walking the runway?

Jennifer: Oh I was pretty nervous right before I get on stage, but once I am walking it just seems like everything clicks and I pretty much black out and do what I do best—Rock it! I don’t really do fashion shows though, mainly just stage work, competitions, go-go dancing and entertainment.

Ryan: What have you enjoyed the most about life as an import model/go-go dancer?

Jennifer: I love meeting new friends and the one thing I love the most about go-go dancing is the energy I feed off people. I’m really good with that and if the crowd is having a blast then I would have the time of my life.

Ryan: Through your travels, I’m sure you’ve heard some good pick up lines, but what has been the worse/funniest pickup line or move that a guy has used on you?

Jennifer: Baby, if I was a fly I’ll be all up on you cause you’re the sh*t! A friend of mine told me this line. Cracked me up!

Ryan: Whats your biggest turn off?

Jennifer: When guys talk about their money and they can got me or tell me I’m so beautiful and they wish they can have me as the girlfriend when we just met. Also, bad humor, being

rude, and when they smell bad

Ryan: What’s your biggest weakness?

Jennifer: I am afraid of the dark. laughs. Food! I have horrible will power when it comes to that and also animals that are in need.

Ryan: What is something about yourself that our readers may be surprised to find out?

Jennifer: I can’t burp, whistle, snap my fingers and I’m scared of the dark. I am very creative though and really good at drawing. I was in a porno once, you can find it online laughs Just kidding.

Ryan: If are readers weren’t Googling you, they are now. If you were chosen to go on “Survivor” and were only allowed to bring three things with you, what would they be?

Jennifer: My make-up bag, a guide book to how to survive in the wild and a sexy bikini. Have to do this in style, you know?

I want to thank Jennifer Nguyen for being apart of Hmoodle and wish her the best of luck in her Maxim Hometown Hotties Contest. We at Hmoodle are pulling for you. I also need to thank Yuli Xenexai for introducing Hmoodle to Jennifer. Its greatly appreciated.

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