Amie Keoviva

Hmoodle Beauty of the Year: Amie Keoviva 2010

The 2010 Hmoodle Girl has been selected! Hmoodle readers casted over 1,300 votes and selected Amie Keoviva as our 2010 Hmoodle Girl!

Amie Keoviva was our December Hmoodle Girl and obviously made an impact on our readers. She is of Lao, Thai, and Hmong descent. She’s not the typical Hmoodle Girl, because you don’t see her out on the town. Instead she hits the books as she is pursuing a career in Law Enforcement or becoming a Registered Nurse.

This very beautiful young lady proved to be very well spoken inour interview which I think is another reason she was able to obtain so many votes. In fact, she got an overwhelming 40 percents of the votes casted.

We at Hmoodle want to congratulate Amie Keoviva for being our 2nd Hmoodle girl of the Year.

Thanks for all those who took the time to vote!

-The Hmoodle Staff

Amie’s Full Interviewed

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