Christine Thao – Miss June 2015

This June, the Hmoodle Beauty of the Month is a real fusion of beauty and brains. Christine was brought up in Minnesota and claims to be too comfortable that she wouldn’t think of moving to another state. She is true to herself, humble and respecting others is a priority for her. She is educated and still yearns for more, and what’s better is that she is into studying business. Christine values her family which is her inspiration to where she is and where she is headed. She also admits to being the traditional American type, and she is definitely proud of it. Modeling has been her dream since her childhood and she enjoyed fun times with her sister shooting randomly. After encouragement from friends and family to consider modeling, Christine went ahead and began shooting with local photographers. Music is also one thing that keeps her pumped up in readiness for shooting. Join me in welcoming Christine, the Hmoodle Miss June Beauty of the Month.

Hmoodle: Hi Christine, how are you? We want to thank you for being here with us today.

Christine: Hello everyone! I am doing well. Thank you for featuring me as Miss June’s Beauty of the Month. It is such an honor to be here and given the chance to be the chosen one, I appreciate it.

Hmoodle: Before we get started, can you briefly give us what is like being Christine?

Christine: Of course! There are lots to describe about being Christine. She is someone that you can easily get along well with. Sometimes she can be a bit shy but once she opens up to you, she becomes the opposite silly outgoing girl. Being Christine, she doesn’t have to hide herself to be like someone else in order to fit in with a certain group, she’s a friendly person and loves to meet new people. To be honest, many people had told me that their first impression was “she looks mad,” but trust me…I’m a really nice person! Some of my friends and even classmates compared me to the first time they seen me to how they know me now, and you won’t believe what they say. I am for sure a gullible person, especially when it comes to jokes that I don’t quite understand until a few seconds later…or even sometimes a couple of days later. (LOL). Other than that, being Christine is about staying true and humble to herself, giving others the respect she would like to receive back, and remembering to be an open-minded person.

Hmoodle: Were you always been a Minnesotan or came from another part of the states?

Christine: I was born from Fresno, California where my parents settled when they immigrated from Thailand in 1985. After I turned four years old, my parents relocated to Minnesota where my older brother and relatives lived. Since then, I’ve been a Minnesotan for a long time now and I don’t think I will be able to adapt to a different environment if I were to move to another state. Minnesota is the land of home to me because of the four seasons we get up here.

Hmoodle: Are you currently in college? if so, how do you like it? Do you miss high school?

Christine: Yes, I am currently enrolled in a two year college at North Hennepin Community College. So far, I think that college is alright. You get to meet people whether it’s their age difference, their race, their culture, or whatsoever. Going to college really opened up a different view to me because it’s definitely not like high school anymore. You’re going to class not with people your age, but with adults who are parents. Seeing someone older than me going to school every day does give me motivation to continue my education, because others like me who are still young, the struggles of staying up late to finish an assignment or study for your exam the next morning is tiring. At times, you want to quit but take a look at those parents in school, they’re committed to going back to get their education done so that they can live a better life with a good paying job, so that their kids’ won’t have so much money to pay later once in college.

I’d have to say that I do miss high school. I miss the after-school hangouts with friends just goofing around and staying youthful. Out of everything, I sure miss being a “teacher’s pet.” From elementary school through middle school to high school, I loved helping my teachers out with correcting tests and home-works, decorating the classroom, and running errands. I remember skipping lunch to go visit teachers around the school just to see if they need an extra hand for help. In college, I can’t really do that because the professors are stricter and they don’t have a specific room where they stay there permanently, they carry their stuff to class. I do wish that I could have taken more opportunities as a high school student though.

Hmoodle: What are you majoring in? What interested you in that field?

Christine: I am majoring in Business Administration. I really can’t explain how or what got me interested in this field, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve already taken a few classes for my major and so far, I’m liking it. I have considered maybe switching to a social worker but I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet, but I will continue my education as of where I am at because it’s going great so far.

Hmoodle: How important is family and education to you?

Christine: Family is everything to me. I am blessed to have such loving parents and siblings to teach me from right to wrong, and to bring the best out in me. Even though my family and I lost my dad for about almost a decade ago, I am grateful to still have my mom here with all of us to take half role as both mother and father. I am thankful to have amazing and caring siblings to be there for me when I am struggling in a tough situation. At the end of the day, I go home knowing I have a family who love and accepts me for who I am, and that is why Family is everything. A favorite quote of mine to sum up this question is from Brad Henry: “Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.”

Hmoodle: When you were growing up, was your parents still very traditional or more to the America culture?

Christine: Yes, my parents were very traditional even after living in the U.S. because my dad was a txiv neeb (spiritual healer/Shaman). After my dad’s passing, my family and I aren’t as active in the tradition anymore, but still remain traditional.

Hmoodle: How and when did you got into modeling?

Christine: Well, I’ve always wanted to be a model ever since I was a kid but I never really took action into modeling until three years ago if I’m remembering. Before I started shooting with photographers, one of my sisters and I would do random shoots for fun. After posting some pictures up online, my friends and family had been encouraging me to really consider modeling. I met Serena and found out that she does photography on the side and we decided to do a photo-shoot in downtown St. Paul. Since then, I’ve been modeling here and there with local photographers from the Twin Cities area when I have the free time.

Hmoodle: How was the experienced being infront of the camera for your first photo shoot compared to now?

Christine: Oh lord! My first experience of being in front of the camera, I was so nervous. As I mentioned above about my first shoot with Serena, there was also another model there who was a male in which made it even more nerve-racking. Me and the model were chit-chatting while posing in front of the camera and his advice to me was to be confident and relax my body. Comparing then to now, I feel more positive and upbeat to shoot. I would say that I’m doing better than how I did before, but I know I can be more creative and imaginary when it comes to photo-shooting.

Hmoodle: How do you prepare for a modeling shoot?

Christine: Before my shoot begins, I usually tell myself “Good luck.” Thinking positive and putting myself in a good mood is what gets me prepared to shoot. Positive thoughts + Happy Mood= Confidence. Another way I use to get myself pumped up and ready to shoot is music! C’mon, no one can’t get excited without jamming to your favorite songs right!? I have to say, sometimes dancing and singing along to my music sure does get me to warm up and prepare for my shoot. Anything that makes me happy can put me right in the zone to loosen up for my photo-shoot.

Hmoodle: What inspired you to become a model?

Christine: Growing up as a kid, I was always watching America’s Next Top Model and ever since that show, I had been inspired from then on. I see modeling kind of like a piece of artwork, especially the after-results of the photo shoot. All the crazy, colorful fashion styles, exotic make-up looks, funky hairstyles, there is so much more to modeling than just how it is. Modeling is like bringing your imaginary to life. My oldest sister use to model too and I remember when I was 13 or 14 years old, I was so inspired by her. Since she lives in California, she had sent a couple photos from her Korean-themed photoshoot for my family and me to keep as memories. I remember the bright beautiful dress she wore, it amazed me that my sister is a model! Every shoot she did, really influenced me to become a model. I thought to myself, if she can do it, I can too! I wanted to follow her foot-steps into going in for modeling, in which I now am achieving, and will always strive for the best.

Hmoodle: How has modeling changed other aspects of your life?

Christine: Modeling has been a fun hobby for me to do and I’d have to say it changes a lot of aspects in my life. It helped me boosted my self-confidence from low to a good high level and also really is an eye opening life changer. Modeling gave me a better understanding of how everything works, especially the communication between the model and the photographer. I have not yet experience a fashion show or a runway walk but that’s something on my list that I’ll be looking forward to though!

Hmoodle: Aside from school, homework and modeling, what are your fun activities?

Christine: During my free time, I definitely love and enjoy hanging out with my friends and family whether it’d be chilling at home, fishing, grilling, or going out. Nothing can compare to sharing and creating more memories especially with your loved ones.

Hmoodle: What’s the biggest fish you ever caught? (assuming fishing is one of your answer for the previous question)

Christine: Although I love to fish, I have to admit that I haven’t caught anything too big. I would say that the biggest fish I’ve caught so far would only be a 3-4 pound largemouth bass and about a 15-20in northern pike. Hopefully by the end of this summer if I get lucky, I’ll be able to catch a bigger monster!

Hmoodle: Does fish even end up on your plate, I mean do you eat them?

Christine: Not really, I don’t like eating fishes that I catch because it makes me feel bad. (LOL). I mean maybe once in a while I will but if I decide to bring fishes home, it’s only because my mom asks me to. Besides that, I’m not much of a fish eater anyway.

Hmoodle: Do you cook at home often? What’s your favorite dish if any?

Christine: I do, cooking is fun! I love Hmong food, they are so simple but yet, so tasteful. Anything from boiled pork to chicken mixed with mustard green veggies or with Hmong herbs are my favorites! Other than that, I basically eat anything that you would see at your local flee market such as fried pork belly, sticky rice, laab, papaya salad, and many more. It’s not only Asian food that I enjoy, whether it is American, Mexican, Middle-Eastern, or whatsoever, as long as my belly is filled, food is my happiness!

Hmoodle: What has been your biggest accomplishment in your life to date?

Christine: To be honest, everything I am doing right now is a big accomplishment for me. Life has been fair and great, and everyone who is a part of my world, everything that I have, is an accomplishment. I am thankful to have such unconditional love from many family and friends, a supporting partner, a wonderful boss, EVERYTHING and EVERYONE I am involved with is what makes me a stronger person as of how I am today. The smallest things count, and even if it’s just me greeting a simple “hello,” if it puts a smile on someone’s face, it’s already a big accomplishment.

Hmoodle: Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years from now?

Christine: In 3-5 years from now, I see myself graduating from the University of Minnesota receiving my Bachelors in Business Administration. I’ll also be looking forward to accomplishing goals that I have yet to achieve whether they are short-term or long-term. Once I reach my goals, I will then consider settling down my four-year relationship with my devoted and trust-worthy partner.

Hmoodle: Anything else you’d like to say? shoutout?

Christine: I would like to give a big Thank You to Hmoodle, again for giving me this great opportunity to work with you guys and be featured. Thanks to my family and friends for their support and love to help encourage me and push me to be the greatest I can be. For all the photographers I’ve worked with, I want to thank them just as much as I thanked everyone else. Without their willingness of guidance to help me, I wouldn’t have come this far in life to accomplish my goals. Last but not least, thank you to everyone who is reading and watching my interview with Hmoodle, this definitely means a lot to me and I cannot thank you all enough.

Wow, the adage; â€do not judge a book by its cover’ is vividly still valid for Christine as Miss June Beauty of the Month. We got to know more than we had probably imagined about the model. She has shown that beauty and brains are two things that can go together. Her formula of positive thoughts plus a happy mood is equals to confidence, which is something worth trying out. In the near future, she sees herself earning her Bachelors in Business Administration. She also wants to settle down with her devoted and trust-worthy partner of four years. I guess most of the new models are usually single, but Christine is definitely her own type. Her parting shot is a big thank you for all who have played a role in her success. We at Hmoodle wish Christine all the best in her endeavors. It was a pleasure having her as Miss June Beauty of the Month and getting to know more about her.


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