Christina Xiong

Christina Xiong – Miss August 2012

Nationality: Hmong
Birth Place: Twin Cites
Current Place: Mankato, MN

I can’t believe it’s August already. The cycle of summer just comes too short in MN, but lucky for us we’re presented with the opportunity to bring you once again in the line up of each initial month, our new Hmoodle Girl of the Month for August 2012, Christina Xiong.

I had a chance to catch up to the aspiring actress/model/photographer/filmographer/writer. Versatile and talented as shown in the aforementioned entitlements for this young aspirant, she’s adamant in her pursuit of happiness, to dream big and never look back. Soon to be in a theater near you!

Read on to learn more about this future rising star.

Hmoodle: Give our readers a quick synopsis about yourself?

Christina: Hello, first of all I would like to formally introduce myself Christina Xiong. Ever since I was little I would never focus on one thing I’d jump to one thing to another and try to pretend to be whatever I can be. This led me to what I actually do now, I act, model, and I’m also trying photography. I honestly can say that I also write stories and songs, make videos, and sing mostly in the shower. My main focus has veered towards acting. I’ve first started acting when I was a baby, as my father would record me walking around the house, and when I was a bit older I would give interviews to my stuffed animals, and I would give tours of the house. I would also send messages to my grandparents and cousins that lives back in Thailand. I can say that I’ve been doing this all my life, and I’m still pursuing it.

Hmoodle: How did you find out about Hmoodle?

Christina: How I came upon Hmoodle was because my interest was to see how many other Hmong girls were into acting as well as modeling.

Hmoodle: In saying that, was your aspiration in acting just to make it big in the Hmong movie industry only, or did you have aspirations to join the likes of superstar Hmong actress Brenda Song?

Christina: I want to be in both industries, Hmong and American. Every dream you want to achieve starts with a stepping stone. I believe starting where you come from is the important thing, and I wanted to start with the Hmong movie industry first because I want to represent and fully support the Hmong movie industry. Even though we may not be as big as the other Asian countries, as well as Hollywood, I believe we can still create an even bigger industry. Ever since I was little I’ve always been connected with the Hmong movie industry because of my family, in addition to all of my aunts and uncles have appeared in at least 2 or more Hmong movies. Although they weren’t in it for the long haul, I decided to take a step and continue on the little family tradition to keep it alive. Acting is my passion. I love acting! I will pursue this as far as I can, until I can reach to the top, even all the way to where Brenda Song is! I know and understand that the movie industry is very hard and competitive in America versus the Hmong Industry, but it is my dream to reach to that level or even surpass that even if it takes me a life time.

Hmoodle: What kind of emotions are you exerting while playing a part as an actress in a scene?

Christina: I have all kinds of emotion that goes into my characters that I’ve played in the past, from portrayals of love, to sadness, and to being scared. I think of how I would feel if I was really the character that I’m playing in real life. It doesn’t take me much time to get into my character as I always set myself up for a challenge. I think to myself and tell my self that “this is real.” It’s true when they say: “When you put your mind into it, you get really into it.” And I really do get into it!

Hmoodle: Who are your inspirations in life that gives you the strength to do the things that you do everyday?

Christina: My first inspiration is my father, Billy Xiong. For many years he’s been involved with the Hmong movie industry, the genre of drama and filming it. My whole life growing up I’ve always followed him, watching him closely, and learning everything I can from him. He’s the main reason why I am here now. He gives me my strength and pushes me forward to do what I am doing now. If it wasn’t for him then I don’t think I would be here right now! I love my father! He is my hero and he’s taught me many important things about acting, filming, and everything so that I can be ready for the future. Other than my father, my second inspiration that makes me motivated and pumped up is music. Without music, I can honestly say that I don’t think there would be any creativity in my world, or even in anyone else’s. Lastly, the others that gives me the strength and keeps me going are my friends and family; if it wasn’t for their support I don’t think I would be here also!

Hmoodle: Do you have any quirky hobbies or pastime extracurricular activities that you partake in during your spare time that many may not know about?

Christina: My free time is always work time. I always give myself projects to do, such as write a new story, sew clothes, bling out my old wardrobe, fix photos, choreograph new dances, and so much more that the list just goes on and on. I’m not sure if I’d consider myself quirky, but I do a lot of self photo shoots and themed photo shoots of myself and my friends that may sometimes lasts all night long into the morning—from dusk ’til dawn! Otherwise, I tend to do new things every day, every week, or whenever I get to sit down in my room and have some alone time for myself. I believe that anybody can do anything if they try. There is never a grade in making an effort in what you’re trying to accomplish.

Hmoodle: What would you say that is special about you that set you apart from everyone else? Basically, what makes you unique?

I am so focused on what I’m trying to do, and how to make it better. I don’t notice how different I am from others. Maybe I just answered my own question by completing that sentence. Even though we all say “everybody is special in their own ways,” but when we think about it we all have similarities, but we just don’t notice it. Of course I still believe everybody is different in their own unique ways. Anyways, I think I’m special in my own way because I’m just “me:” a chill and laid back person. I promise I don’t bite!

Hmoodle: Following in your dad’s footsteps, you must’ve had a lot of access into the “HollyHmong” world; meeting a lot of the other actors/actresses, producers, and writers as a way to network yourself in the future. How have this helped you in where you are now?

Christina: Throughout my whole acting life I can say I met almost all of the directors in the Hmong Movie industry. I’ve also met most of the stars that I grew up watching. Some which I’ve had pretty nice conversations with regarding about the movie industry. Since my dad is a director, I’m always around all of the folks who are involved with films. I believe these types of connection has helped me where I am now because I’m always with my dad whenever they are filming, or when my dad is filming for a movie so I know most everyone. The reason why I say I know most of them is because they all help out one another during filming. Every time I am with my dad a few of the directors are always around us helping him out. Another reason why this will also help me is because I put my interest in what their interest is in, and I’m willing to help in filming. Key to your own success is to lend a hand and connect with people of the same interest!

Hmoodle: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Christina: I see myself still pursuing in acting, and as well as being in college. Even if I may have already achieved my main dream, I will still go for more. No one is ever “too old” or “too tired” to keep on finding new things to achieve. Even if in 5 years I may be settled down, or maybe still on the go, I will always find something new to do in my life to add to my collection of successes! I know for sure I will still be working to pursue any dream I have at that moment. Life is always a surprise, even if you have things planned, so that’s why I can’t give you guys an exact answer on what I see myself in 5 years. I’ll be doing too many things all at once!

Hmoodle: You were talking about how music is one of the many facets that have inspired you to become who you are today. Have you ever consider pursuing that field, second to acting?

Christina: Music is just something that I help express myself. At times I would go on to my dad’s computer and create beats or melodies that match my mood, and I would put it on a playlist in my ipod and replay it over and over. At this time, it isn’t something I would pursue, as I only listen and make music for myself to help myself calm down. Sometimes I don’t know what to do but just listen to music and let it speak to me. I believe music is that “look but can’t touch” type of feeling.

Hmoodle: First and foremost, I want to thank you for giving your precious time in talking to us! It was much appreciated! Lastly, would you like to bestow any last parting words to our readers, give some light words of wisdom, or shout outs that you’d like to share to our readers, your friends, and your family?

Christina: I would like to thank Hmoodle first for creating itself! If it weren’t for the creator and the people who have helped Hmoodle and the Hmoodle Girl of the Month, then I don’t believe anybody would know the special talents that are hiding in this world, especially in the Hmong world! Thank you! I would also like to give a shout out to all of my family and friends who have help supported me in my acting career! Thanks especially to my mom and dad who have been there through thick and thin. My crazy friends that motivates me to go and like Nike’s motto,”Just do it!” and not to miss any opportunities in the future. I would also like to share with everyone not to stop dreaming! I’ve had my times where people would try to stop me from doing what I want to do, but I just kept going. Even if one day you’re done pursuing your dream, keep going for more. Look for more to do to help your community and yourself. Always ask yourself if you’re missing out on something, take time to yourself and create a list of things you have not yet done and do it. Like what everyone else is saying these days, you only live once! Don’t let anyone stop you on your tracks.

Hmoodle: Once more, we’d like to thank you in taking your time in this wonderful interview! We, at Hmoodle, hope that all your future endeavors are fulfilled, and that one day we can reflect on this interview as one of the beginning stepping stones in a soon flourishing career to superstardom. As you’ve stated over and over again about always following your dreams and never giving up, the message brings about the very essence of what the famous Walt Disney’s enchanted Cinderella story was trying to convey, which aims at the very same message, “A dream that you wish will come true.” The Hmoodle team wishes that everything that you’ve encompassed in your life, from your immediate goals to your long term dreams, to come true.

Let’s all go realize our dreams; make it attainable, make it a reality!

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  1. Christina Xiong, let me bet the first to say I have officially committed my life to being your number one fan. Not only are you a stunning beauty, a finesse work of art, uniquely crafted with such rare perfection, but you also possess an intelligent mind-not often do we find an individual of your rarity- and I must say it is truly a blessing knowing that we coexist in the same world. I love that you let nothing stand in the way of your motives, I love that you dream larger than life, I love that you are aware and educated, but I love most the thing we share in common; I love that you are Hmong.
  2. Wow the last time I’ve seen her was when she was a small shrimp! Can’t believe this little number grew up to look so different and stunning.
  3. Bust down!!!!
  4. I have met Christina Shong and she is honestly the most ugly hearted woman. We are technically 2nd cousins and she doesn’t even talk to because, in her words “you are nasty. We’re second cousins meaning we are not even related”. Yes I was heart broken that such a beautiful woman can be so cruel but when your ego is bigger than your bank account, the real “you” comes out.
    Anyways, I hope she succeeds in all her dreams and help her father pay back my father for all the money they owe us.

    Best wishes,
    Your cousin- Sammie

    • ^ YOU ARE NASTY for spreading rumors “Sammie”

      Christina is humble and a sweet heart. I know her from working with her previously . Didn’t know she had a Hmoodle interview until I looked her up! Definitely a humble girl!

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