Cheyanna Vang – Miss May 2015

It’s that time of the month once again when we bring you our Hmoodle readers a special treat like we always do at the beginning of every month. In this month’s issue we went all the way to Fresno in California to bring you our beauty of the month. This pretty damsel from Fresno is not just a pretty face, the 20 year old has struggled in a laid back society with conservative tendencies and meandered approach to some aspects of life. At such a young age, she knows what she wants and she is going for it. Cheyanna is one beauty to watch out for; she is grounded, independent, responsible and confident. If you thought she is just a beauty with no brains, well you are so wrong. She got her career already in check being a student major in Psychology and Linguistics. This is a clear indication of how focused she is with all her different priorities. In such a diverse industry, its now always to come to terms with all the pressures you might be facing. It takes someone extra-ordinary to do this and actually be successful at it. Its clear to say, its no easy task, even for the most experienced. She may be an only daughter but she is a family girl and values it more than anything. Well, enough said its time I let our Hmoodle readers get to know Cheyanna Vang at a personal level!

Hmoodle: Before we get started, can you help us introduce yourself to those that may have not met you yet?

Cheyanna: Hello everyone! My name is Cheyanna Vang. I was born on March 19, 1995, and I am the only daughter in my family, out of four boys.

Hmoodle: Where were you born and raised?

Cheyanna: I was born in Fresno, CA. When I was still an infant, my family (which, at the time, was only my parents and my older brother) and I moved to Riverside/Moreno Valley. I was raised there and began school there. When I was in second grade, we moved back to Fresno. About 2 years later, we moved back down to Moreno Valley. We stayed there up until the beginning of my freshman year of high school and then moved back to Fresno, and now I am still here!

Hmoodle: How was like being the only girl out of four boys in your family? Do you get special treatments, get away with stuff?

Cheyanna: Being the only girl out of four boys is not very difficult, but it does put some stress on me. Everyone believes that since I am the only girl, I get special treatments and am spoiled; however, it is not like that at all, and when I tell people that, they do not believe me. What I get from my parents is what I earn from my hard work. If I was just a lazy person, I would not even have what I have right now. Even as an adult, I still get disciplined. So being the only girl actually means more restrictions. When it comes to cooking and cleaning when my mom is not home, I do everything by myself. At times, it would be nice to have help because since I am so busy with school and work, I need every minute I can get to study.

Hmoodle: Do you cook at home?

Cheyanna: Yes I do cook at home. I love experimenting with new dishes and just making new dishes that I have not cooked yet.

Hmoodle: We all love scrumptious foods. What’s your favorite dish, whether is dining out or at home?

Cheyanna: I don’t have a favorite dish. I love all types of food, but my 2 favorite types of food are Asian foods and Italian foods.

Hmoodle: When you were growing up, was your parents still very traditional and or strict?

Cheyanna: They are traditional and strict. Now, they are a bit lenient since I am an adult, but still strict in certain ways.

Hmoodle: Many of the younger Hmong generation are adapting to the western lifestyle and some seems to forgetting or abandon the Hmong tradition. What are your thoughts on it? Is it a good or a bad thing?

Cheyanna: I would consider this a very sensitive topic to the Hmong community since everyone has their own opinion about it. All I will say about this is that, yes, we are adapting to the Western lifestyle in our own ways. I don’t consider this a good or bad thing. I believe that everyone should just be themselves, and if you are one to be more into the Western lifestyle, then be proud of it, even if you are Hmong because that is just who you are. If you are one to be more traditional, then just be you, and be proud of that as well. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being more traditional or being more Western, because you are who you are, and you like what you like since, in the end, everyone is different.

Hmoodle: There are many young girls and boys are very insecure about themselves, what’s the best way to overcome low self-esteem?

Cheyanna: I would have to say that loving yourself and having confidence is the best way to overcome self-esteem. I know that the media portrays what is supposed to be a “perfect body” and “perfect face” but what I like to say to myself is that the person you are looking at through the screen or on paper has flaws as well, the media just doesn’t want to show it.

Hmoodle: How important is family and education to you?

Cheyanna: My family is very important to me. They are the ones who make me who I am today, because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be who I am today and I wouldn’t be where I am today. Education is very important to me as well. After family, my education comes next. I try to use all the time that I can to study and do well in school.

Hmoodle: Are you currently in college? What are you majoring and what really attracts you to that field?

Cheyanna: Yes, I am currently attending Fresno City College, majoring in Psychology and Linguistics. For Psychology, I find it interesting to know how the brain works, and why we do things, and what causes that. Psychology is also such a broad subject that you can do many things with that degree. As for Linguistics, one of my dream goals is to teach English abroad somewhere in Asia. I have had that dream since high school, and I still plan to live it out when the time comes!

Hmoodle: Music, dancing and singing are part of everyone’s life, do you have any passion of becoming an entertainer?

Cheyanna: I used to love dancing but not anymore. I do love music and singing though! I have always enjoyed singing, but I was never good at it but that doesn’t mean that I still can’t sing just for fun! If I could sing well, then I would love to become an entertainer because I am not as scared as others when it comes to being on stage and performing. I also play a little bit of piano and guitar on the side. I am not great, but I am not bad either. I sing and play instruments as a hobby, rather than something I would choose as a career.

Hmoodle: You mentioned that you used to take acting classes in Los Angeles and was part of the Hmong Acting Club in Fresno, how did you got involved and then what made you stop attending them?

Cheyanna: During that time, I was very into music, singing, and dancing. I thought to myself, “Why not try something new like acting when acting has to do with the arts as well?” I just wanted to try something new, and see how it goes. In the end, I did not like it as much as I did with music, singing and dancing. I wouldn’t mind being in the background or being a supporting character, but I don’t think I would want to be the main character.

Hmoodle: Speaking of the entertainment industry, what are your thoughts on the Hmong movies and music scene? Do you feel that we are getting better and better?

Cheyanna: I have only seen two Hmong movies in my entire life. I used to think that their acting was too dramatic in the old movies, but I can definitely see an improvement in today’s Hmong movies.

Hmoodle: Do you have any favorite Hmong movies and musicians?

Cheyanna: No, I do not have a favorite Hmong movie or Hmong musician but I do support them.

Hmoodle: What has been your biggest accomplishment in your life to date?

Cheyanna: That’s a pretty difficult question for me. I would have to say that attending college is a big accomplishment for me, while also having part-time jobs. Balancing those two, along with family, friends, and a relationship, keeps me busy.

Hmoodle: Where do you see yourself 3-5 years from now?

Cheyanna: I see myself in graduate school, earning a higher education and receiving my Masters or Ph.D degree. I also see myself with my own place and a new job.

Hmoodle: Do you have any messages for your family, fans, supporters, admirers or anyone?

Cheyanna: I love my family and I thank them for supporting me throughout my life! I could not ask for more from them when they have given me so much already. I want to thank all my friends for being there for me when I need them most as well. I also want to thank my significant other for always supporting me in what I do and whatever I set my mind to. You always encourage me to do well, and you are always there for me if I ever need anything. I could not ask for more from you. Thank you, Hmoodle, for taking me in as a Hmoodle Beauty for the month of May!

Got a dream well go for it, that’s a true inspiration to all youngsters and readers at Hmoodle! We at Hmoodle wish you all the best as you pursue your future dreams. Watch out for this space as Cheyanna is about to take Fresno by storm!! What to know where we shall go next in our search of the beauty of the month? Well be sure to grab your next month’s issue of Hmoodle, till then take care.


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