Beauties of the Year

Hmoodle Beauty of the Year: Annie Moua 2017


The Hmoodle Beauty monthlys represents as a seminal forerunner for the successes of how far  Hmoodle have come since our inception. Just like a blink of an eye, our earliest ventures in polling for our first Hmoodle Beauty was in 2009. How time does fly by? We want to extend our congratulations to all the Hmoodle Beauties of the month ...

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Hmoodle Beauty of the Year: Christine Thao 2016


Like always, naming the beauty of the year continues to be our tradition. We cannot claim that the work of prospecting and pinpointing the beauty among beauties is an easy task. Many girls grace our pages every month, all perfect, beautiful, engaging and intelligent. This makes the prospect even more daunting. But at the end, we must separate the wheat ...

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Hmoodle Beauty of the Year: Susan Xiong 2015


Naming our beauty of beauties has been part of our tradition for a while now. For us, the prospect of actually pinpointing the best among the girls is always a daunting prospect, as all of our beauties of the month are simply perfect. Over the months, numerous girls have graced our pages, all beautiful, intelligent and engaging, yet so different ...

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Hmoodle Beauty of the Year: Shong Moua 2014


We’ve started a new tradition with our site naming our beauties spanning the 50 states, heralding to offer to our readers and followers of Asian beauties that reside in our neighborhoods, in our townships or cities, our states of the United States of America. We’ve only to touch the surface, as this world-wide phenomenon of the internet has set off ...

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Hmoodle Beauty of the Year: Tia Yang 2013

Tia Yang

This year marks our 5th Anniversary for the coveted title of Hmoodle Girl of the Year for 2013. Just like each year before it, our team posts a voting poll to allow our readers—YOU—assist us in choosing one of our lovely Hmoodle Girls become the Hmoodle Girl of the Year. Thanks to all the candidates, 8 beautiful women all deserving ...

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Hmoodle Beauty of the Year: Duasone Yang 2012

Duasone Yang

Since 2009 we’ve been scouring the nation for the hottest Hmong/Asian girls to be featured on our site. Every month, without a doubt, I know we have not disappointed you all with any of our featurettes. To be quite honest if we, at, had a choice, every Hmoodle girls that we have had an interview with are winners in ...

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Hmoodle Beauty of the Year: Melissa Xiong 2011

Melissa Xiong

All the votes have been casted and countd as it’s now time to announce the 2011 Hmoodle of the Year. She is none other then the beauty form Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Melissa Xiong. Melissa is currently studying Social Work at UW-Madison, and hoping to pursue a career in Clinical Social Work in the future. She is also a proud vegetarian ...

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Hmoodle Beauty of the Year: Amie Keoviva 2010

Amie Keoviva

The 2010 Hmoodle Girl has been selected! Hmoodle readers casted over 1,300 votes and selected Amie Keoviva as our 2010 Hmoodle Girl! Amie Keoviva was our December Hmoodle Girl and obviously made an impact on our readers. She is of Lao, Thai, and Hmong descent. She’s not the typical Hmoodle Girl, because you don’t see her out on the town. ...

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Hmoodle Beauty of the Year – Nancy Hang 2009

Nancy Hang

The poll has spoken Without a doubt, there were a lot of Nancy Hang fans out there. She single-handedly ousted over her peers, of all the other nine Hmoodle girls, with a unanimous landslide. Her votes streamed in almost uncontested to take approximately a third of the one hundred eighty votes from our viewers. would like to thank ...

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