Caselena Yang

Caselena Yang – Miss June 2011

Nationality: Hmong
Birth Place: Fresno, CA
Current Residence: Fresno, CA

t has been a while since Hmoodle has featured a girl from the west coast. We have a new girl to add to our Hmoodle girl of the month roster. She is no other than the fabulous Caselena Yang. She is from Fresno, California, the most Hmong populated state in the United States. The city of Fresno host the biggest Hmong New Year celebrations in the nation.

Caselena is currently a student at a local city college. She is hoping to transfer to a University within two years, where she can pursue her career in the medical field. When she’s not in school or working, she likes to hanging out friends and families, or go to the lake, B.B.Q., and swimming. Any active activities that will keep her in shape, she’s interested.

After the photo shot, we got the opportunity to sit down and talk with Miss Caselena Yang.

Hmoodle: Hi, how are you?

Caselena: Hi, I’m good. Better than ever.

Hmoodle: Thank you for taking your time out of your busy schedule to meet with us today.

Caselena: No problem, it’s my pleasure.

Hmoodle: Is this your first time doing any modeling?

Caselena: Yes, this is actually my first photo shoot ever. I’ve thought about modeling before, but I’ve never done it. So I’m hoping this will help me get started.

Hmoodle: What did you think of the shoot? Did you enjoy it?

Caselena: The shoot was really fun, and I really learned a lot from it. Modeling was not as easy as I thought it’d be.

Hmoodle: Any favorite part of the shooting locations?

Caselena: Yes, we went to this art museum in downtown Fresno. I think it’s called Broadway Studio. On one side of the building there’s art painted all over it, and it was real nice and unique. I think that’s where my pictures turned out best.

Hmoodle: Will you be pursuing in modeling in the near future?

Caselena: I really want to, but I’m not sure if I have the skills to do so.

Hmoodle: You mentioned that you hate being bored, anything that you do to keep you from being bored?

Caselena: Well, if I’m not at work then I usually make plans with my girls or my boyfriend. We usually just go roll around town and find something to do.

Hmoodle: What can you tell to those that have not been to Fresno, yet, good any attractions?

Caselena: Hmm, well if you love the sun then Fresno is the place for you. You can always go to the lake, chill, B.B.Q., and wait until night time and hit up the clubs.

Hmoodle: Clubs huh? So what clubs do you and your gals usually go to?

Caselena: Club Aldos, that’s where you will find us girls.

Hmoodle: Are there any good Pho restaurants around Fresno?

Caselena: Hmmm, I wouldn’t say good. I think they’re all the same.

Hmoodle: Sounds like Pho is not on top of your list when it comes to food. You don’t eat Pho often, do you?

Caselena: I love Pho, it’s just that their customer service are really bad so I don’t eat there much.

Hmoodle: We have to agree on the customer service. Most of the small Asian restaurants are poor at it. Speaking foods, how often do you cook at home or do you know how to cook?

Caselena: To be honest I don’t really cook much. I know it’s such a shame, but I usually just go out and eat.

Hmoodle: Our parents always say school is very important to our future, are you currently attending school? What field are you majoring in?

Caselena: I’m attending Fresno City College, I’m undecided at the moment, but I was thinking about going into the medical field to become a pediatric nurse.

Hmoodle: Is that something you love or like to do?

Caselena: Let’s just say, I love babies!!! I want to do something that’ll help change a kid’s life.

Hmoodle: Have to love what you do and get pay for it, right? So what University will you be transferring to after your two year at the local city college?

Caselena: I want to transfer to Fresno State University after I’m done at Fresno City College.

Hmoodle: Any last words, advice, or a thank you list you want to shout out to?

Caselena: Yes, I want to say thanks to hmoodle for selecting me as Miss June. It’s such an honor and a real eye opener. I really didn’t think you guys would call. And also thank you to Gmoney and photographer Tommy Mova.

We at Hmoodle would like thank Caselena for taking her out time to spend with us on this beautiful day in downtown Fresno. We wish her the best on pursuing her dreams and hope to work with her again in the near future. Special thanks to Broadway Studios for allowing to use their facility to do our shoot.

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