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Hmoodle Beauty of the Year: Annie Moua 2017


The Hmoodle Beauty monthlys represents as a seminal forerunner for the successes of how far  Hmoodle have come since our inception. Just like a blink of an eye, our earliest ventures in polling for our first Hmoodle Beauty was in 2009. How time does fly by? We want to extend our congratulations to all the Hmoodle Beauties of the month ...

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Nancy Vang – Miss Hmoodle Beauty, August 2016


Check out this Fresno born beauty’s interview with Hmoodle. She’s currently graduated from a field in high demand, Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). Feel free to read our one-on-one with Nancy and discovered the story behind how she got into SLP, moved to manitowoc then back to Fresno and many more… Hmoodle: Please give us a 10 second introduction to Nancy Vang? ...

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Scharlytt Mahi Thao – Miss Hmoodle Beauty, July 2016

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This lovely 100% Hmong beauty is our featured model for this month. We are excited to have her be part of the Hmoodle Beauty family.  She’s no other than Scharlytt Mahi Thao. Check out her interview and photos below. Hmoodle: Give us your name and a brief introduction about yourself. Scharlytt: Well hello there, I’m Scharlytt Mahi Thao. I also ...

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Paige – Miss Hmoodle Beauty, June 2016


Once again Hmoodle brings you a beauty who is a Fresno native. Born and raised in the Golden State, Paige Yang loves the outdoors and spending time with friends and family. A full time student at California State University Fresno with a busy work schedule keeps this beauty on her toes. Much like June weather in Fresno, Paige turns up ...

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Luna Vang – Miss April 2016


Originally from Sacramento, California, Luna now calls San Francisco her home as she’s pursuing to get a higher education and explore music opportunities/auditions.  Enjoy her full interview and don’t forget to follow her youtube and facebook page. Hmoodle: Give us a self introduction. (Name, age, location, and briefly tell us about yourself) Luna: My name is Luna Vang. Im a singer/songwriter from San ...

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Yer Lor – Miss February 2016


As many of our readers prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we want to celebrate our newest Hmoodle Beauty. Born in Thailand and raised right here in Saint Paul, this animal lover is a a great addition to our Hmoodle family. Here is the newest member, Yer Lor. Hmoodle: I am here with the newest Hmoodle Beauty, Yer Lor. Yer, please ...

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Hmoodle Beauty of the Year: Christine Thao 2016


Like always, naming the beauty of the year continues to be our tradition. We cannot claim that the work of prospecting and pinpointing the beauty among beauties is an easy task. Many girls grace our pages every month, all perfect, beautiful, engaging and intelligent. This makes the prospect even more daunting. But at the end, we must separate the wheat ...

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Annie Moua – Miss January 2016


A new year and a new Hmoodle Beauty. We start the off with Fresno’s very own Annie Moua. We hope our readers will be as excited as we are to add Annie to our Hmoodle family. Here’s your chance to get to know Annie a little bit better. Hmoodle: Give us a brief introduction about yourself. Annie: Hello Hmoodle! My name is ...

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April – Miss November 2015


This month we bring you another beauty from the west coast. Some of you may recognized her from her role as Katie in A Love Like this (Ep.1 & 2) By CineFilms Creation and a few commercials by HAC.. She is as charismatic is person as she is in film. Hmoodle: April, tell us a little about yourself. April: I’m ...

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Theena Yang – Miss October 2015


This month of October, we have a beauty from Salisbury, North Carolina that is full of energy, love being spontaneous and enjoying her life. We present to you, the beautiful Theena Yang. Hmoodle: How was your first photoshoot/experience like? Theena: My first photoshoot was with Jay Martinez who is the owner of Tuner Evolution himself.  It was such a great ...

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De Xiong – Miss September 2015


When you think of Alaska, what comes to your mind? To me, its the cold, but we at Hmoodle found a girl who could warm up your heart in the coldest of temperatures. She is De Xiong, who is originally from Sacramento, but since 2000, her and her family have resided in Alaska. As you will in her video, De ...

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Linda Saelee – Miss August 2015


We have a very charming and interesting personality for the month of August for our Hmoodle Beauty. Seemingly proud of her natural beauty, she’s the outgoing type who enjoys meeting new people as well as developing new friendships, talkative, bold and passionate.  This beauty sees modeling as a hobby and grabs every opportunity with both hands. Ambition and determination are ...

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Kiki Song – Miss July 2015


This July, the Hmoodle Beauty of the Month is a very determined and talented beauty. Kiki was brought up in Clovis and claims to be an outgoing person who loves to travel. She is super friendly, likes interacting with people and really loves food and that she has no favorite. She is focused on making it to the top and ...

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Christine Thao – Miss June 2015


This June, the Hmoodle Beauty of the Month is a real fusion of beauty and brains. Christine was brought up in Minnesota and claims to be too comfortable that she wouldn’t think of moving to another state. She is true to herself, humble and respecting others is a priority for her. She is educated and still yearns for more, and ...

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Cheyanna Vang – Miss May 2015


It’s that time of the month once again when we bring you our Hmoodle readers a special treat like we always do at the beginning of every month. In this month’s issue we went all the way to Fresno in California to bring you our beauty of the month. This pretty damsel from Fresno is not just a pretty face, ...

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Alexiss Moua – Miss April 2015

Images credit: @melissavuee, @atmos559, @ozwzrd

Our Hmoodle beauty for the month of April is as good as they come. She is young, charming, intelligent and of course, beautiful. Meet Alexiss Moua, an 18-year-old Hmong beauty from Clovis, California. Currently, she is a student and works part time. She does not wish to stop there, however. She intends to finish school and start new projects: a ...

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Nraub Hnub Yaj – Phonsavan, Laos


Age: 19 Birth Place: Phonsavan, Laos Current Residence: Phonsavan, Laos Status: Single Turn-On: Cwj pwm nyiam ntawm kuv ntawm cov txiv neej xw li kuv nyiam tu txiv neej hai lu luag ntxhi hai lu siab kom tau kuv. Turn-Off: Qhov tsi nyiam kuv tsi muaj kuv tsi tib Tell us about yourself: Nyob rau hauv kuv lub neej yam ...

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Malissa Moua – Miss March 2015


In the mid 1800’s Northern California was the place to be due to the discovery of gold in the Sacramento Area.  Well over a hundred years have passed and Hmoodle has struck gold with the finding of Sacramento resident Malissa Moua.  With a heart of gold, Malissa is a beauty whose love for fashion and modeling has given us the ...

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